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kuha 700 pro kalastusvene, jossa 6 miestä seisoo kannella


Workboat designed for professional fishing, fishing tourism and recreational fishing. Used by recreational fishermen since 2006.

Often used also as a contact boat for island builders and for transporting game.


  • Easy to get up on the slipway and cuts through the waves well
  • Sufficient even floor area and good floor roughening
  • No obstructive fasteners or corners on the rails and housings
  • Easy to pull gear over the bow
  • Rainwater-proof
  • Used by Peter Lahti since 2016

Dimensions KUHA 700 PRO

7 m x 2,5 m Weight 850 kg
Max. 9 persons.
Engine power max. 100 hp

Price from 18 900 €

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